Vegan and vegetarian deliciousness!

The diet and lifestyle of people are increasingly becoming a health conscious enjoyment. The latest trend is the vegan and vegetarian diet.
This doesn’t mean renouncement, but includes lots of tasteful surprises, which can be produced easily with our newly developed Veggie/Vegan-program.

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Advantages at a glance:
  • Various seasonings, marinades and breadings
  • Fix-products for speedy preparation of vegan sauces
  • Vegan alternatives for production of meat balls, Hamburger, boiled- and fried sausage specialities
  • Vegan and vegetarian convenience goods
  • Many products are free from E-numbers and without allergens, requiring labelling






Interesting facts to vegan and vegetarian nutrition:

News Vegan VegetarischAccording to statistics of the "Deutscher Vegetarierbund e.V." (VEBU) people in Germany lived:

2009: 6,29 Mio. vegetarian

2013: 6,88 Mio. vegetarian

2015 (Feb.): 7,8 Mio. vegetarian/1,1 Mio. vegan


Several groups of vegetarians and vegans:

Vegans = people, who reject any animal foods ( e.g. meat, fish, eggs, milk, honey etc.) and also don´t consume or use any animal products (e.g leather, down etc.)

Vegetarians = people, who consume no animal foods (e. g. meat, fish, eggs, milk, honey etc.)

Ovo-Vegetarians = people, who consume no animal foods except egg products

Lacto-Vegetarians = people, who consume no animal foods except milk products

Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarians = people, who consume no animal foods except egg- and milk products

Pescetarians = people, who consume no animal foods except fish and fish products

Flexitarians = people, who consume temporarily vegetarian/vegan or consume meat only at particular occasions

You will find more interesting information on the website of the "Deutschen Vegetarierbundes e.V.".

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